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You can order selected products using “My List” and ask a question / you can enter comments and preferences regarding color, size, material / for each of the products.

After sending "My List" in order to discuss the details, the final Price including transport and delivery type we will contact you by email. Sending a query via a list does not oblige you to purchase the goods.
Each product is made upon request. Implementation begins after determining the final Price. It is also necessary to make a 50% advance payment to the company account.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the products offered or methods of purchase. Sample Prices of products on the website include 23% VAT.

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Our offer is a product catalog, given with sample Prices. The items are custom-made, taking into account the parameters implemented at the customer's request, therefore Prices may change. Purchases are executed after:
1. Making detailed arrangements / confirming details by the customer and supplier.
2. Making an advance payment of 50%, which confirms previous arrangements.
3. In "My List" please provide contact details: name, surname, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address. We will only use the collected information to process the order.


The customer pays 50% of the order value (advance payment - bank transfer to the account) when placing the order. The remaining 50% (final payment - bank transfer to the account) - before transporting the product. After the transaction, a receipt or invoice will be issued.

We reserve the right to change the Prices of products on offer, individual quotations related to the agreed details of the order, introducing new products to the offer, withdrawing products from the offer, carrying out and canceling promotional campaigns or making changes to them.


We send the goods after settling, the whole amount due for the product.
The method of delivery depends on the amount of ordered goods and their volume. The company will present the most favorable delivery method to the client. Orders, depending on the method of delivery to the Buyer, are carried out in three forms:
- orders delivered by courier
- orders delivered via own transport
- orders delivered through domestic and international brokering and transport companies

By appointment, you can pick up the goods in person
- delivery costs do not include carrying goods up to the apartment / house and their assembly (unless there is other information for particular goods)
We reserve the right to process orders in separate lots after prior agreement and confirmation by e-mail or telephone with the Ordering Party.


The goods we offer are custom-made upon request. Personalized items cannot be returned or exchanged, unless individual arrangements between the client and the contractor state otherwise. In case of cancellation of the order before delivery, the advance payment of 50% will not be refunded.


Wood is a hygroscopic material, i.e. it reacts to changes in humidity and temperature. Depending on the level of humidity, the wood releases or draws humidity from the air. The resulting change in the volume of wood is its natural feature that cannot be avoided and is not subject to complaint. We supply furniture with wood humidity, which corresponds to a room climate of 20 to 22ºC and 55 to 60% relative humidity.
Having solid wood furniture, you need to ensure proper hydration.

Cracks on solid wood for many of our products are an intended stylistic effect and cannot constitute the basis for making a complaint.

Cracks appearing on solid wood are a natural process.

They may change / increase / decrease with time and with the change in external conditions - they cannot be the basis for a complaint.

All other reported complaints not related to the above - will be considered individually. Within 30 days, the complaint department will consider the legitimacy of your complaint and inform you via phone and e-mail (to the e-mail address provided in the complaint form).



The furniture is made of pine, oak and - less often - of exotic wood. The type of wood the product is made of is indicated in the product description.

Solid wood furniture is a durable product that can last for many years. However, the material from which it is made requires care in the way it is used.

Wooden furniture exposed to direct sunlight can change its original color over time. Also too high and prolonged humidity or dry air can negatively affect wood, therefore:

-furniture should be placed at least 1 meter from the heat source (radiators, electric heaters, etc.)
-all dirt should be removed immediately

- you should use a mat before placing hot, very cold or damp objects on furniture to avoid stanis or deformation
- for writing etc. you should always use undercoats in order not to scratch the surface of furniture
- furniture should be placed on a level surface, otherwise it will deform, adapting to the unevenness of the surface


Oiled wood is more sensitive to dirt than varnished wood, therefore it requires a little more care during use. The oil layer is thin, so after some time the used oil may locally soak into the wood. This is not a defect and is not a reason for a complaint.

The oil should be reapplied every 2-3 months until it stops soaking.

Otherwise, the surface will look unfinished. When doing so, make sure that the oil is evenly distributed, otherwise darker spots will appear on the surface.

Please do not use:

- preservatives or cleaning agents that are not suitable for wood
- aerosol spray
- when finishing a natural material such as wood, there are also small irregularities, discoloration or micro scratches that emphasize the beauty of this product and do not constitute a justified reason for a complaint. For the furniture versions with aging or staining effects, it is important to take into account the fact that, as a result of manual finishing, they will never be identical.